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I am very grateful for those loyal souls who have been kind enough to check out my website. Im also most grateful for those who talked me in off the ledge when I was writing this book and dove head first into establishing social media platforms (ugh), and convinced me not to quit.

The book I refer to is titled Around Which All Things Bend and will be published this spring by Archway (Simon & Schuster). Those whove been with me from the beginning, four long years now, you know from my first Facebook post what it is that all things bend around. In an effort to thank those who are joining me now, Ill let you in on it. Telling you is frowned upon by editors who call it “the big reveal” and should be saved for those who read the book. I call it “the big thanks” to those stopping by to see my website.

Here it is, the thing we all bend ourselves into pretzels over, and mostly around, is love. And thats what the book is about.

Mostly, its written as a story about relationships I have woven it into a love story. But before you bail and say to yourself, love stories arent my bag, this one just might be. The book is told from a young mans perspective which is derived from representing scores of men in divorce. Those whove read the manuscript drafts have commented that this perspective has given them new perspective about how men feel in a relationship.

I cant give away much more in this post, but I will be posting periodically to keep you updated on publication progress which as many are aware, is slower than a sloth stuck in mud. As you can see, I also blog and there are some interesting topics coming up.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope you return soon!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your blogs.


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